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A Reputation For Results In Commercial Litigation

Whether your company is the plaintiff or the defendant in a corporate lawsuit, you face devastating losses if the outcome is less than favorable.

This is where ACE Law Firm comes in. For 20 years, I have provided high-level representation for clients based in Miami and elsewhere around the globe. Business entities, shareholders, investors and other law firms rely on me to deliver positive outcomes in cases involving:

In addition to practicing business law and corporate litigation, I am a certified financial crime specialist.

Experience Worldwide For International Business Disputes

When you need assistance in devising, implementing and overseeing strategy for international lawsuits, I am here to provide my experience. I understand which remedies are available in the numerous jurisdictions worldwide. I speak multiple languages, including Spanish, and have worked with clients from Mexico, Canada, Central and South America, and Europe. As a result, my firm can help you navigate the myriad political and cultural considerations of your case.

Local Assistance For Domestic Business Disputes

Domestic disputes require just as much skill and attention to detail as international cases. With extensive knowledge of local and national regulations, I can also work with counsel to seek evidence in the United States under 28 U.S.C.§1782. I am licensed to practice in state, federal and appellate courts throughout Florida.

Take The First Step Toward The Results You Need

If you need representation that you can rely on, seek the counsel of ACE Law Firm. You can contact me at my Miami office location to discuss your objectives. To schedule your initial consultation, call 305-489-1073 or use my online contact form.