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Domestic And International Representation For Contract Claims

A breach of contract occurs when one or multiple parties break any number of the requirements within a signed legal agreement. ACE Law Firm has years of experience in the most complex breach of contract cases with both domestic and international implications.

More than 20 years of experience involving litigation in multiple jurisdictions is what separates me – attorney Annette C. Escobar – from other local attorneys. As a breach of contract attorney, I will guide you with the best legal advice based on your type of case. But first, I’ll need to determine which type of breach or violation has been committed.

Recoverable Damages From Breach Of Contract

You might already be thinking about what type of damages you can recover from the breach of contract you’ve just experienced. Mitigation of damages can be determined from the contract details. Furthermore, the plaintiff can request the courts to cancel the contract entirely in addition to punitive damages. Legal fees and other expenses are usually covered.

Breach Of Contract Lawsuits

Contracts are important for any business to be effective.

Regardless of whether the connection between you and the opposing party was fixed with a written or verbal agreement, there is no certainty that an issue won’t emerge. When one of the participating parties neglects to do what was expressed in the agreement or fails to accomplish something that was not settled upon, the influenced party can sue for supposed breach of contract in the state of Florida.

As a breach of contract attorney, I can file a claim within the state courts in our given jurisdiction. Your grievance will attempt to collect punitive damages for the problems it created. This is including but not limited to any dollar amount that has increased due to interest since the incident occurred.

The most vital components to remember while suing for the break of agreement include:

  • Contract verification that the business contract indeed existed and was of a legally binding nature
  • Confirmation that a breach of contract has taken place
  • Complete estimation of monetary damages
  • Verification that a breach of contract is provable and that the party at hand is fully responsible

Contact A Miami Attorney For Your Breach Of Contract Claim

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