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Pre-Judgment Representation At Home And Abroad

When you are party to a lawsuit in which you have the potential to obtain a financial judgment in your favor, or when you have already obtained such a judgment, you deserve to collect the award that the judge has granted. I, attorney Annette C. Escobar, am experienced in pursuing any and all possible pre- and post-judgment remedies to ensure that you are protected. Potential remedies in Florida include obtaining discovery for recovery, garnishment, attachment, lis pendens, seizure of assets, filing liens against property and other remedies, depending on the facts in any particular case.

Pending Lawsuits And Judgments Entered

A party that has obtained a judgment or knows that a judgment is possible or likely against them often attempts to conceal or encumber their assets before the judgment occurs in order to prevent you from collecting that award. If you have a pending lawsuit or a judgment entered in the U.S. or abroad and you are worried that the opposing party may attempt to prevent you from collecting on the potential judgment, there are a number of prejudgment and post-judgment remedies that I can assist you in seeking.

Similarly, there is a wide array of tools, such as garnishments, attachment and executions of real and personal property, that can be utilized when a judgment has already been obtained in your favor, but you are unable to realize a recovery of that award. These are known as post-judgment remedies. The foreign judgment is first recognized and then steps can be taken to recover on that judgment.

Injunctive Relief May Be A Solution For You

One possible remedy in your case is injunctive relief, a court order that prevents a particular action. For example, injunctive relief could be granted to prevent an opposing party from collecting payment, enforcing a contractual provision or other action that could do you irreparable harm as you wait for the underlying legal dispute to be resolved. Injunction relief can come in forms such as temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, or permanent injunctions. I can assist you in pursuing whatever type of injunctive relief is appropriate for your situation.

Miami Pre- And Post-Judgment Remedy Attorney

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