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Protecting Your Interests In Chapter 15 Bankruptcy

The financial ramifications of Chapter 15 bankruptcy and insolvency cannot be separated from the legal ramifications. It is crucial to make sure a fiduciary or legal advocate is in place with the skills and international experience to protect your interests during the reorganization or liquidation of a foreign corporation.

At ACE Law Firm, I – attorney Annette C. Escobar, Esq. – specialize in cross-border legal issues including insolvency in international bankruptcy cases. I can provide these services both in the United States and outside of the United States.

United States Law Regarding Cross-Border Insolvency

U.S. law now provides for significant remedies in the fields of international and cross-border restructuring and insolvency matters that often involve complex issues. Additionally, once recognition is obtained, the foreign party may then seek U.S.-type discovery that opens significant doors and secures assets for the benefit of the estate, as well as other things.

I possess specialized experience, skill and knowledge in filing and addressing the issues that come up in these types of cases. This includes filing recognition proceedings, as well as advising and working with foreign lawyers to assist and advise on whatever international law issues they may have. My experience in these matters is far-reaching, having worked on matters in North and South America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Put A Proven Cross-Border Attorney On Your Side

Are you looking for a Miami attorney who has a winning experience dealing with cross-border insolvency? I have more than 20 years of experience dealing with the reorganization or liquidation of foreign corporations. Call 305-489-1073 to schedule a consultation.