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Fighting For The Victims Of Fraud And Financial Crimes

The victims of fraud, corruption and financial crimes are often left to deal with a mess that is completely not of their making. On top of the losses they have already sustained as a result of fraud, they face a complex legal process in order to make things right.

A Certified Specialist On Your Side

When your legal and financial well-being are on the line, you can afford nothing less than the full-service representation you deserve from a proven attorney. Victims of fraud in the United States and international jurisdictions can turn to me, attorney Annette C. Escobar to make them whole again. I am a certified financial crime specialist (CFCS) with more than 20 years of domestic and cross-border litigation experience.

My skilled representation can level the playing field against those who have harmed you. It is no secret that corrupt individuals and corporations will go to great lengths – and use the spoils of their corrupt acts – to protect their ill-gotten gains and avoid legal consequences. I put my extensive experience and certified knowledge on the side of fraud victims, working to uncover fraud and recover assets for my clients in Florida, throughout the United States and across the globe.

Recovering Assets

At ACE Law Firm, I know it is not enough to simply uncover fraud and seek financial damages. It is important to recover assets for my clients whenever it is possible to truly make my clients whole again. In addition to assets such as bank funds, real property and luxury items, I focus on recovering assets such as the funds from a contract that was lost out on due to fraud. I have the ability to go after all fraudulent actors, including conspirators and others who aided and abetted financial crimes.

World-Wide Fraud And Asset Recovery Experience

No matter the court and no matter the jurisdiction, I am ready to deploy my skills to make you whole again. Call 305-489-1073 to schedule your free initial consultation.