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Protecting The Rights Of Shareholders

Business professionals as well as family members enter into business ventures on a regular basis. This often involves multilayered corporate structures.

Many of the investors in these structures enter into shareholder or partnership agreements regarding buy-ins, buy-outs, operations, finance and other relevant matters. However, the documentation available regarding foreign entities is often lacking in sufficient detail.

While the inception documents are sufficient absent a dispute, matters become more complicated when a shareholder dispute arises. This is particularly common with bare bones documentation. This problem becomes more severe in civil law jurisdictions such as those in most of Latin America and Europe, where the law applicable to such disputes is not extensive and complicates shareholder disputes and issues of that matter.

Multijurisdictional Litigation

When disagreements within management and/or among shareholders arise, however, multijurisdictional litigation is often necessary to resolve the dispute. I, attorney Annette C. Escobar, have more than 20 years of experience dealing with such matters and managing litigation across borders to obtain the optimal result. Though these disputes can be costly, I am dedicated to resolving these disputes in the most efficient and expeditious manner possible.

My Process

ACE Law Firm is here to assist you in navigating the defense of your shareholder disputes case. From the response to the complaint, discovery and depositions, responding to motions and filings, negotiations and resolutions, to appearing before courts for hearing, I will be there to represent you and support you.

I will help you resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation or trial. I have experience in all courts, including federal, state or appellate. I will evaluate your case and provide you with a clear understanding of your legal options so you can make the best decision for your business.

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